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About Us

Summit Education Enterprise (SEE) is an education organisation based in Oxford, United Kingdom. SEE is accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a Short Course Provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. It specialises in providing high-quality education and training courses and services to equip current and future leaders with the cross-disciplinary understanding, global perspective, cutting-edge knowledge and advanced skills, shared values and goals needed to build a better and more sustainable future for humanity and the environment.


SEE is committed to promoting and facilitating the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through its innovative project-based courses that combine research excellence and best practice. A partner of choice for international leadership training, SEE has been working in close collaboration with leading institutions in the UK and overseas, SEE has successfully designed and delivered standard and bespoke short academic and leadership training courses in arts and humanities, science and technology, and social sciences for hundreds of talented university students and professionals from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South Americas, Oceania, and the UK in preserving natural and cultural heritage, engaging in innovation and sustainability, and tackling global and local challenges, especially related to urban development.


Designed by research and teaching staff from the world’s leading universities, our courses are normally held at renowned universities in the UK, such as the University of Oxford, which provide an ideal learning environment. The attendees will gain first-hand and intense exposure to different facets of world-class education and research and British history and culture under the guidance of our outstanding teaching faculty and tutors from leading universities in the UK and experts from the UK business, industry and government. Since 2020, we begin to set up online short courses so that students and professionals from anywhere in the world could benefit from our courses and other education services and resources in the UK.


Our courses have widely been recognized by our partners and course attendees as important gateways to advanced studies, professional advancement, and leadership roles. We are proud that our courses have contributed to the success of many of our alumni in moving on to the postgraduate programmes and professional and leadership roles they aspired to. We warmly welcome you to apply to join our courses for a life-changing experience for you and the world!


In addition to standard and bespoke short courses, we also provide lecture series, international forums, and individual tutorials and education consultancy services (online). 


Please feel free to contact us for further information about our services. 

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Hongping Nie holds a MA in Education and a PhD in Cross-cultural Education from the US. She has done postgraduate study at the University of…

Deputy Head of Studies

Luna Wang received her BA in Law and Economics from Peking University, and subsequently passed the Chinese National Judicial Examination and…

Programme Manager

Mia is responsible for managing the planning and delivery of SEE's academic…

Founder & Director

Samuel Chen has over 20 years of working experience with a variety of educational systems and settings in the US, UK, and China where he has…

Operations Director

Simon joins the SEE team with a wealth of experience managing academic and cultural programmes delivered in the UK and overseas. He has worked in the international education…