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Design & Build Your Own Short Education Programme

At Summit Education Enterprise (SEE) we have extensive experience of working with clients to help them design and deliver their own short education programmes in the UK.

How We Help You

We can provide you with all the tools to deliver successful short education programmes and professional training courses while mitigating many of the associated reputational and financial risks.

We provide 6 Core Services to our clients and joint venture partners:

  • Concept development – whether the client has their own idea for a programme/course or are looking to work with a partner in China the SEE team can work with to develop the idea from concept to marketable proposition
  • Programme design –assistance with all the design elements. This can include: production of presentation materials, the booking of accommodation, teaching venues, speakers, transport, meals and all extra-curricular activities
  • Sales & Marketing – the SEE team in China can organise the sales and marketing of client services to our extensive client base in China
  • Registration & Payment – conduct interview if necessary, complete registration and undertake payment processing
  • Programme Management & Delivery – managing the student experience with onsite delivery of the programme. Can include providing support staff, technical support, pastoral care and management of all teaching sessions, excursions, cultural activities, meals, transport and accommodation
  • Post Programme Activities -  collection and processing of all feedback, review meeting to assess success of the programme and organise alumni events

Benefits Of The SEE Approach

  • Develop additional income streams by maximising revenues from your existing assets and resources – combine accommodation, venues and teaching staff

  • Deliver a carefully targeted programme into a fast growing market

  • Retain complete control of your brand and how it is used at all times

  • Ensure you deliver a high quality short education programme that genuinely benefits the attendees and represents good value for money

  • Remain focused - no need to divert existing resources away from your core function of providing a world class university education to your existing undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • Control costs and reduce your financial risk - no need for forward funding or additional investment in staff and IT systems

Why Work With SEE?

  • An established business with a strong track record in delivering successful short education programmes in the UK

  • Highly experienced management team with detailed working knowledge of working with elite universities and building successful businesses

  • Existing distribution and sales network in China

  • Cost effective and flexible modular service

  • Simple revenue model and reduced financial risk

  • Retain control of your brand and reputation at all times



  • Strategically based in Oxford, UK, we are also well-connected globally.

  • We provide a wide range of know-how consulting, education and training services.

  • We have many years of working experience in nearly the entire education chain, we can offer bespoke consulting and education services at every critical stage of each client’s long-term education development.

  • Our consulting and education services help our clients optimise their career and professional prospect and development.

  • We have a team of talented tutors who provide first-class tutoring on a variety of subjects.

  • We have rich and strong professional experience in business and entrepreneurship, research, teaching, and organisational and management skills, consulting, networking, international collaboration, and PR.

  • We have large and strategic networks in various major arenas, including education and research institutions, government, businesses, and industry in Asia, North America, EU, and the Middle East.

  • We have more than 20 years of cross-cultural experience.

  • We are devoted to nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

  • We are knowledgeable of resources and opportunities in education and enterprise.

  • We provide excellent pastoral care for students.

  • We aim to uphold highest professional standards and quality assurance.

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